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This lovely track by Irish woodwind / electronics musician Seán Mac Erlaine seems as good a way to kick this blog off as any other. I’ve been listening to his album A Slender Song this evening, letting the sounds fill the lounge and relaxing after a day pottering about in town. Beautiful record… and on orange vinyl, no less.

It feels like I’ve been busy today, mostly spent looking after my daughter (who is nearly 14 months old) to give my wife a bit of free time, but I’ve still found time to watch half a film (Koreeda’s Like Father, Like Son, an episode of the new series of Black Mirror (Arkangel, directed by Jodie Foster, which isn’t bad) and to catch up on a couple of podcasts. I’ve walked quite a few miles, too, but I’m not really into measuring and recording such things. A guess is just fine; let’s say it was six, in total. It has been a good day.