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I’ve struggled to get this blog going for various reasons*, so here’s a post highlighting a few things that I’ve been listening to this week, just to keep things rolling along. I bought Chuck Johnson’s ambient LP Balsams from a record store in Los Angeles (the shipping cost more than the record, but I couldn’t find it for sale in the UK), and he’s a superb pedal steel player, while Hauschka’s album What If was on in the car last weekend. Lastly, having read (belatedly!) a review of the new Bjork album, I was moved to check out this old LFO-produced b-side, which apparently has informed her latest work. I haven’t got the new one yet, but will pick it up at some point soon.

*OK, I know you don’t care, but seeing as you asked… I had written a long piece about dropping my daughter off with the childminder, and how hard that has been of late (we’re at a very early stage, so I dare say it’ll get better); anyway, I seem to have deleted over half of the post by accident at the point of publishing it, and I was subsequently unable to find a draft in the history with the missing text. Very annoying as I’d spent a while on the post during the previous week, but maybe I’ll go back and re-write it at some point. The moment seems to have gone, though, as moments tend to. On top of that I’ve had a bug for 48-hrs which has meant some…um… unpleasantness. But, as I said, you don’t really care.