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I hadn’t heard of the Hyman Archive until yesterday, which is probably more indicative of how much attention I’ve paid to the media in the past couple of years as opposed to any lack of promotional activity on their part; in fact, the Hyman Archive – the world’s largest collection of magazines, as verified by the Guinness Book of Records – has links to lots of features and videos and other bits and pieces on their website, and is clearly well known.

Yesterday, the Hyman Archive featured in this fascinating article in the New York Times, for which founder James Hyman was interviewed. He seems like a fascinating guy, and I felt quite glad that someone was making an effort to preserve the excellent culture-related magazines that have appeared during the past thirty or forty years; magazines are genuinely undervalued and still seen as throwaway by the majority of the population (I still chuck the ones I love and read from cover to cover each month, like Sight & Sound, simply because I don’t have the space to keep them… at least not while I horde lots of other stuff). Anyway, I spent a while on the Hyman Archive’s website as a result and found several features fascinating. This BBC video is a good overview, though I believe as a result of various donations the collection has grown considerably in the two years since this was made. I would love to visit one day!



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